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1. Deal with the enquiries of lines, ship's status freight and other fee form customers
2. Electronic booking shipping space, correspond the relating among the ships, cargos and ports, and keep balance of them.
3. Offer the services of custom declaration. Commodity inspection sanitation inspection, animals and plants quarantine.
4. Produce and issue shipping documents, freight clearing as agent for the shipping company.
5. Offer fright quotation forwarder information and inquiries.
6. We offer all the services about container just like carry, tenancy, place, and the application of inspection.
7. We can assure our customs that we'll provide you a reasonable freight, protect your behalf, and economize our clients' cost.
8. Accept the special business like General Purpose(Hanging Garments),Reefer,Open Top,Tank etc
9. Accept the business of combined transportation of seaway and airway.
10. All the information that their cargos form it's sailing to termini will be provided to our clients.

 1. Through the agents at home and abroad deal with the cargos imported from all out of the world to Shanghai and eastern china area.
2. Offer the services of documents exchange, custom declaration , inspection application, animals and plants quarantine, and cargo reception at ports.
3. Offer the service of cargos' carrying and distribution after container arrived.
4. Accept the transportation business of big or heavy cargos' import.
5. Inform the consignee, and shipper the information of the cargo's arrival in time.
6. Transport the import cargo to inland area of china.
7. Transport the materials that pass through the territory of china and the non-trade goods of the foreign forms in Shanghai or for the exhibition.

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